Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspiration Friday: Cowboy Hats

I'm back from an amazing vacation in sunny Texas! I had such a great week with my friend Kate - lots of talking, relaxing, eating (Mexican food in Texas = better than in the midwest!), sightseeing, and generally having an awesome time together.

So, this week of course I'm feeling very inspired by Texas...

Buying a cowboy hat has actually been on my List of Things To Do for years. Here are a few pictures to explain why:

Friday Night Lights: Tyra looks so cute in one! I bet I will too...

Sabrina Ward Harrison: Making art and wearing a cowboy hat. Because she can.

Zooey Deschanel: I dream of being that cute. Seriously, isn't this picture great? Yes. It is.

And here you go: last week, Kate and I both found awesome hats at this cute store called Retro Cowboy in Fort Worth. I'm off to try to find that blue dress that Zooey's wearing, and to check 'buy a cowboy hat' off my list. Happy Friday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspiration Friday: Flight 001

This afternoon, I am flying to Dallas to visit my friend Kate. I couldn't be more excited for vacation, warm weather, catching up with a great friend, and visiting the land of Friday Night Lights.
But if you aren't going on vacation this week, I'm ready with a little armchair (deskchair?) travel for you. Flight 001 has already gotten me through most of the long, cold winter.
So pick up a good travel book, watch a good summer movie, or live vicariously through other people's travel photos. Don't forget: summer's just around the corner.
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