Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration Friday: Because I Said So


I have an interesting relationship with this movie. I love Diane Keaton. I love Mandy Moore's clothes and apartment. I don't love the plot. But I own it and will re-watch it many times for decorating tips.

Milly's (Mandy Moore) apartment is just the best. Ready for the tour?

The kitchen:


  • (organized) open shelving
  • boxes, glasses, cookbooks
  • super great coloured Fiestaware
  • plus: thank you, Mandy Moore for actually wearing something I might wear when I'm alone in my house!
The living room:
  • love the colours
  • brick walls
  • great bookshelves
  • looove the tv cabinet- and the offset tv with a vase next to it.


  • lots of pillow & blankets
  • great lamps
  • a big, round coffee table
  • that couch!
  • again, colours: red, orange, sage green, a bit of creamy yellow
  • That picture is just cute.

  • check out that furniture arrangement. Isn't it great?
  • orange kitchen walls
  • fresh flowers
  • the chalkboard fridge!
What do you think: do you love this apartment as much as I do?


kate said... Reply To This Comment

I do!

I agree with you about the movie. I'm not wild about it despite my love for Diane Keaton dating back to Annie Hall days but I don't love this plot either.

Her apartment is awesome. Where did you find the ariel shot of her sitting room? I so want to do that!

I love seeing what you're thinking about I miss you loads.

Jeana said... Reply To This Comment

I hadn't really paid attention to her apartment before but I remember loving her clothes and especially her hairstyles. I started putting little braids in the front of my hair and them pulling them back into messy buns after seeing Mandy/Milly's cute hairstyles in this movie.

GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

Has many elements of your apartment, yes?

christy said... Reply To This Comment

i never noticed the orange kitchen walls before; i think i'll steal that idea.
"Let's move this couch 5 inches to the left... I swear it will change your life."

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