Friday, January 30, 2009


Giving in to the Facebook trend, here are 25 things about me...

  1. I have a really bad memory- I often forget when I already told a story, and often wonder how my friends know all these weird details I don’t remember telling them.
  2. I love beverages of any kind- we have friends that call us the Beverage Family.
  3. I am really passionate about the importance of the arts in the Christian community.
  4. My grandparents were missionaries in Viet Nam during the war. They got out on one of the last civilian planes when Saigon fell.
  5. I love anything I can do with my hands- playing the piano, drawing, sewing, cooking…
  6. My dad used to lead missions trips to Europe every summer, and we put on programs while we were there, so I used to do really weird things like puppets, clowning and mime.
  7. I eat dinner food for breakfast.
  8. I have a secret obsession with Martha Stewart. Not so secret anymore…
  9. At some point in my life, I want to

*Have an art studio and sell my collages

*Get my MA (and PhD?) in Biblical Exegesis and write commentaries.

  1. I colour code the clothes in my closet.
  2. When I was in Jr. high, I took crochet lessons at a knitting shop in our neighborhood. I became friends with all the old ladies there and would go hang out and crochet with them every week.
  3. I love movies and think television is an art form. I quote movies all the time.
  4. I was hit by a car (but not seriously injured) while crossing the street last year.
  5. I love famous people. I don’t read US Weekly or anything, but I get a little too excited when I see someone famous. My favorites so far:

Denzel Washington coming out of a theater in New York

Joan Cusack buying Halloween decorations at Jewel

John Stamos (Uncle Jesse in Full House) filming ER.

  1. I love camping and have lived in a tent for a total of 4 years (3 months every summer).
  2. I completely lose track of time when I’m in the library or video store- I once left my mom waiting in the car for an hour while I ‘ran in to pick up a few books.’
  3. I really hate watching all sports except baseball (only at a real game, not on tv) and football (soccer- not American football).
  4. I’m really into fashion right now and love reading books on it and watching Project Runway and What not to Wear. (linking to my love of famous people, I saw Isaac Mizrahi and Clinton Kelly last year). I think clothes are a really fun way to express our God-given creativity and appreciation for beauty.
  5. I have gotten really strange ailments all my life. Just one;

*I have a condition called leukocytoclasticvasculitis (really!). Every winter my hands get swollen with random red spots because of the temperature change.

Cool, huh?

  1. I have been to 30 countries but don’t speak another language (unless you count 2 semesters of French, which I don’t).
  2. I hate disagreeing with people, and I hate making decisions.
  3. I wasn’t planning on going to college until the day my application was due freshman year.
  4. I have a hard time understanding typically ‘American’ things- American literature, politics, sports…I always feel sort of ‘1/2 American’, which I think comes from traveling so much growing up.
  5. I love people, good food, and good conversation.
  6. When I am stressed, I put on the tea kettle. It’s amazing how much a cup of tea lowers my stress level.


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