Saturday, February 6, 2010


Welcome to Bake. This bakery opened in our neighborhood a few months ago, and I now consider myself single-handedly responsible for keeping them in business. Not hard when you can get this...

and this....
for just a few dollars.
The lady who owns the bakery recognizes me now (I think she can spot my keen-ness from a few blocks away).

They don't have a real sign outside yet, because they can't afford the taxes that Chicago charges for "air space" (thank you, Mayor Daley). But it's okay, cause I tell everyone I know about their coconut macaroons, so I think word's getting out.
It took us awhile to figure out why they put Post-It Notes under their coffee cups...but of course it must be for all those genius ideas you come up with over a cup of coffee...or for Saturday morning Target lists...

Every time I'm here, I get new ideas for decorating my apartment....I'm currently trying to find a tree branch to paint silver and hang from my living room ceiling (really.)
Happy Valentine's Day from Bake.


the glorious mess said... Reply To This Comment

Very nice! And... I'm looking forward to a blackberry muffin with you at Bake in a few days! :-)

GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

really, really are you blogging again? this would make me even more happy than a morning at bake, and you know how much i love that your photos. strong work.

kate said... Reply To This Comment


i love this. man, i can't wait to come visit this place with you! also, may 25th sex & the city 2 comes out. i was thinking that might be a great time for a trip to chicago...

what do you think?

more! more!

love the blog.
love the girl.

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