Saturday, March 13, 2010

print media is (still) in print.

While there are many downsides to the sad demise of print media (oh, Domino, we all miss you!), I have found a few benefits. One is that magazine subscriptions are increasingly more affordable. $6-15 dollars for 12 issues of ideas, gorgeous photos, and delicious recipes...yes please!

When Domino went under, I had saved about 4 copies of the magazine and kind of regretted throwing out the rest. I don't exactly have the space to store all the magazines I subscribe to now, so I was excited when I found this idea (in a magazine!) for keeping the best ideas.
Mid-month, when next months issues start coming in the mail, I take all the old ones and go through them for photos/ideas to save, articles to read, and recipes I want to try. Then I put them in sheet protectors and into a 3-ring binder. (This is also a great excuse for me to buy school supplies even when I'm not in school. :)
Currently I have a notebook for home ideas and one for fashion ideas. I'm working on one for recipes I want to try before copying them onto recipe cards.
I also have 2 composition notebooks for pictures I've cut out that are too small for the 3-ring binders.
I like these because they are like small inspiration boards.

While I know the $6 magazine subscription probably can't last long, I'd like to think I'm doing my small part to keep print media in print.


GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, how I also love print media and school supplies. Great post, Jenny with lots of practical ideas and great photos. I look forward to your next post.

Sharelle said... Reply To This Comment

I love it.

My wedding binder looks very similar. Lots of cut-outs in sheet covers. I am starting to realize just how much I like sheet covers. Plus, people seem to take me more seriously (either that or they think I am bride-zilla). Let's hope for the former.

Very cute.

Jenny said... Reply To This Comment

Ha, Sharelle, somehow I just can't see you as bride-zilla. I wouldn't be too worried!

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