Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'd rather see a minstrel show/ Than any other show I know

Buskers at Pike Place

"Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities. People engaging in this practice are called buskers. Buskers may also be known as street performers, street musicians, minstrels, or troubadors."**

*White Christmas


GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

I remember the first time I saw a NO BUSKING ALLOWED sign in London, and I had no idea, then, what busking was. ~ ym

kate said... Reply To This Comment

I love a good White Christmas reference. Especially an obscure one in the middle of summer. ;)

I told my dad your mom's "cumbersome" story when we were trying to carry groceries out of Aldi without a buggy.

mucho (which means a lot) cumbersome (which means... well you know...)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Brandon and I were just referencing this song....good memories of a great movie and Seattle with you oh so long ago!

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