Monday, August 23, 2010

The Mountain Is Out

Every morning while on vacation, we've gone for a morning walk (ahem, late is vacation). My parents live by Coulon Park, a park we went to often when I was little. It's been sunny, so we're taking advantage of the views of Mount Rainier. No one in Washington calls it Mt. Rainier...just 'the mountain.' Because of all the rain and cloudiness, you can't see it often, so a common phrase on sunny days when I was growing up was "The Mountain Is Out."

We're also taking advantage of the workout that is walking up an actual hill:

We also walk past this 'birdhouse':

Funny story: the people who live here (my parents' neighbors) wanted to build a treehouse for their grandkids. The city of Renton told them there was a law that you can't build treehouses. So they asked "Can we build a birdhouse?" The city said that was fine, and here is the resulting "Birdhouse."

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