Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mama mia!

On Monday, I shared a look at my inspiration board. I thought it would be fun to show how I took some of the ideas from my board and started a new painting.

I also pulled out the movie cover for Mama Mia, because I love the colours. (I know, you hated the movie. I don't blame you. I just happen to like it. Kind of a lot.)

step 1: prime the canvas with gesso.

step 2: I pulled out all the paper, paint, crayons that are the same colours as the ones on my board (blue, pink, some red and tan)...
step 4: make a cup of Tetley. This is a very important step, especially because it matches some of the paper in the collage.
step 5: arrange papers so they cover the canvas (and look nice) then glue them down. Then open a window cause the glue smells awful!
step 6: more blue...

This tool is called a brayer- I heard about it from Kelly Rae Roberts. It basically smooshes the paint around and makes it look awesome.
step 7: adding some white: lace, writing, and paint.

step 8: add more detail with a little bit of red paint.

step 9: I don't usually put very many sparkly bits on my collages, but since my inspiration was ABBA and summer, I thought I'd add a little gold and glitter...

step 10: the (almost-)finished product! I'm still undecided about a word or quote to paint on the collage. Any suggestions?


Sarah said... Reply To This Comment

This collage is beautiful, and I think it is calling out for the words, "My my, here we go again!" :)

GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

Love your tutorial . . . including the practical steps . . .tea and opening the window.

You. simply. rock.

Carrie said... Reply To This Comment

too fun!! Perhaps you should paint a word on it in Greek, seeing as Mama Mia is set in Greece ;)

Adrianne said... Reply To This Comment

Ooh, how fun! I love seeing your artistic process. Thanks for sharing, Jenny! Great post.

P.S. Maybe something about 'adventure' or 'discovery' for the word/phrase.

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