Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing Dress Up, Step #3: Make a list to fill in the gaps

After cleaning out your closet, you want to figure out what is missing before you go shopping. Make a list!

Here are some ideas:


This can be different for each person. If you are a lawyer, you should probably have a 3 piece suit, and if you are a stay at home mom, you probably don't need one. I tend to agree with my sister, who hates those 'lists of 100 items every woman should own.' (That said, here is a link to a good one:  5 Clothing Pieces Every French Woman Should Have.) Each person is different and will have different things that are must-haves. Here's my list:
*white tank top: on it's own in the summer, under sweaters or long sleeve shirts in the winter.
*cardigan: perfect for throwing on when the office is cold.
*jeans: I work in a casual office and can wear jeans all week long. Why would I not?
*leggings: under a dress with boots for work, with a long t-shirt or sweater at home.
*sleeveless dresses: again, on their own in the summer, layered with long sleeve shirt, sweater, leggings/tights, boots and a scarf in the winter.

What are your basics?


Again, this is different for each of us. Here's my list:
*Scarves:  I am a scarf fanatic. I have quite a few different scarves, although I tend to get stuck on one for awhile and wear it with everything. I am such a cold person, so these are practically essential in the winter, but I also like wearing a long, thin scarf with a tank top in the summer. Tied around your wrist, tied to your purse, worn with your jacket. Scarves are awesome.

*I wore a lot of earrings in college, but these days I pretty much wear one or two rings on my hands, and switch between two necklaces. I've been keeping it simple.

*I'm also not really a purse or a shoe person (I know that is rare!). I like to find the ones I like (black flats, flat brown boots, and plain brown leather satchels) and stick to those. 

Extra, Fun Items


These are things that give you a little style. It can be anything from a brightly coloured sweater to patterned ballet flats, to stacks of bracelets, to funky sunglasses. This does not have to be complicated, it just has to be something you like. Put these on with your basics: simple.

While you are at it, jot down any items that repeatedly  show up on your inspiration board but aren't in your closet. If you cut out 10 pictures of floral skirts and realize you don't own a single one, that might be a good thing to go shopping for. Or if you love striped shirts or anything in blue and don't own either of those things, make a note of it.

Now you are ready to go shopping!


Blondie's Journal said... Reply To This Comment

Great tips, Jenny! I wish I were a minimalist, but I like to have a nice variety of clothing to choose from. I do layer summer basics with winter pieces, that really works well in the spring and fall here in Chicago. I love shoes and purses and earrings and the more the better! It would be nice to adhere to a list of basics, but I know I would add to that. Did I mention I like to shop?!! Super post!


renee said... Reply To This Comment

I'm loving your blog friend!!!

Thanks for posting!

Adrianne said... Reply To This Comment

Nice shopping tips, Jenny! Now if only we could go shopping together, that would be the best.

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