Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspiration Friday: Kathleen Kelly's apartment

Don't you just love You've Got Mail? One thing I love about it is that it has great scenes from each season...
Fall? watch it for the line about school supplies....
Winter? Of course I want to see Greg Kinnear sing "the horn...the sounds so forlorn."
and it would be a shame to miss New York in the Spring...

And of course I could watch it countless times just to see Kathleen Kelly's apartment. Just a few things I love about it:
  • books everywhere- on bookshelves, in baskets, stacked on the table...
  • quilts and floral patterns
  • pictures hung in obscure places

  • anything is better with Tom Hanks! and daisies.
  • a comfortable couch: hard to beat.

  • It actually looks like someone lives there, which is refreshing.

  • There are lots of old-fashioned things (ie. floral prints and framed family photos)- but it doesn't look out-dated.

  • Her apartment is rearranged throughout the movie...even the bed linens change. Gotta love that Nora Ephron.

  • Lots of plants and fresh flowers
  • Sunny windows and sheer curtains

  • Interesting furniture placement: the bed comes out diagonally from the wall, the desk is in the middle of the room, and she has two couches- on opposite ends of the apartment. Kind of helpful ideas for decorating a small or oddly shaped apartment.

  • Notice the framed doily. Awesome.

I was watching this movie with my sister once, and I said "bah! I just want our apartment to look exactly like that!" She paused the movie and said: "Look around."
Comfortable couch, floral fabric, sheer curtains, books everywhere...the same wall colour. I think I've succeeded in my goal.

Come to think of it, it's almost Christmas, and there's that scene with Meg Ryan decorating her Christmas tree and listening to Joni Mitchell and I haven't watched You've Got Mail in...a month or two....

*Picture credits: I found these photos on a great screenshot website, then promptly lost the url. I'll come back and update when I find it again!


GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

. . . and that great line about her missing her mom at Christmas.

Sara said... Reply To This Comment

Love her apartment too, and I'm sure I would love yours - it looks so cozy and welcoming from the photos you've posted!

Crystal said... Reply To This Comment

I think I could comment on every one of your posts! I love Kathleen Kelly- You've Got Mail is one of my favorite Meg Ryan movies. I must have watched it a hundred times (and now thinking I need to find it somewhere on TV tonight) but never noticed the details the way you have - the changing bed linens etc.

On your house tour, your apartment is lovely, and loved that little bubbler night light in your bathroom. Reminded me of my Grandmas Christmas tree.

Oh and I discovered the pots at Home Depot over the summer too and had to pick up one for a Jade plant that has since grown too big and will force me to make another trip to pick a different size in another pretty color!

Vic and Melinda said... Reply To This Comment

you know whose movie home i love? isabel bigelow (nicole kidman) in the remake of bewitched. love, love, love all the windows. i even found a website that reviewed it:

of course, it helps that it's in california and you can throw open the windows and doors to the light and air. might not be so great to throw open the windows and doors to the downpour and wind gusts of seattle.

kate said... Reply To This Comment

Of every apartment I've ever visited yours is the most like Kathleen Kelly's.

Do you have a vase, a vase, a vase?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Now I know why I could never figure out her apartment - the furniture kept moving. I hadn't noticed that until your pictures! Thank you Jenny! : )

dawnette said... Reply To This Comment

Jenny! i love this movie, and I loooove that you've pointed these things out regarding her apartment. I've never paid attention... but I will now :)
hope you all had a beautiful Christmas in chi-town together :)
much love - dawnette

Linda said... Reply To This Comment

That is one of my favorite movies too! I just watched it again a couple of days ago.

Noelle said... Reply To This Comment

I just love your blogs and You've Got Mail. I love to watch it around Thanksgiving and Christmas. :) xoxo

Lisa said... Reply To This Comment

Just reading this now and I had to say that I have always "thought" what you said about Kathleen Kelly - so funny. Also loved her clothes in that movie too and love looking at her children's bookstore in the movie....secret dream to open one just like it :)

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