Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration Friday: Helena Bonham Carter's shoes


Did you watch the Golden Globes this week? I missed the red carpet part, so it wasn't till later that I saw this: Helena Bonham Carter wore two different coloured shoes. Say what you want about how crazy she is, you have to give her points for creativity. Plus, if Punky Brewster can do it, why can't Helena Bonham Carter?


Here's what she had to say about the outfit: "If you're going to spend three hours getting ready you may as well go for it."*
I'm not going to go to work this week in mismatched shoes, and I'm not saying you have to either. But this week I'm inspired by Helena Bonham Carter because she does her own thing. And I like that.



GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

Of course you undertand this girl and her Golden Globe wardrobe . . . you were Punky Brewster when you were a wee kid. (and so adorable.)

Yummy Mummy

Sara said... Reply To This Comment

And that is another reason why I know we are related - I love that about her too! I thought the two shoes were one of the most memorable fashion statements on the red carpet that night.

Elle Green said... Reply To This Comment

I totaly love her spirit:) but she is a wicked lady indeed.

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