Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspiration Friday: The Right Side of My Brain

I have been drawing like a madwoman. It started when I picked up A Life of Style by Rebecca Moses...which is about style, but has these great little drawings...
I thought- fun! I should make a book like that. So I bought a sketchbook, and did a few pages with little drawings and captions. But then I just got into the drawing part of it. So I picked up this book again:
The Creative License by Danny Gregory is one of my favorite books on creativity. And if you don't draw and want to learn- even if you think you can't! you should pick up this book.

Now I'm reading Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain. I may be 30 years behind the times, but this book is awesome! The basic premise is that drawing (a 'right brain' activity) is a skill, just like reading or math ('left brain' activities), only around adolescence, we stop learning how to draw. (ps. you can still learn!)

So, this week I've been inspired by 3 books to use the right side of my brain, and draw what I see around me...
Note: If you need a little work/study break, but don't have the time to start a sketchbook, you should check out this awesome sketching tool.
I'll warn you though, it's slightly addicting, so pour yourself (or draw yourself!) a cup of tea, set the timer while you sketch, then (if you have to), you can get back to using the left side of your brain.


GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

I always love your drawings and your creativity, Jenny. But when I ask for a cup of tea, I want you to bring me a real one . . . before you get your sketch book out and draw one. :)


Carrie said... Reply To This Comment

oooh... love the brick building... so pretty! I love drawing architecture, but always felt that if it wasn't super interesting, that my drawing wouldn't be, either. Then a teacher told me to start drawing anything... staplers, scissors etc... made a world of difference... there truly is beauty (and something to learn about drawing and art!) in just about anything :)

From the Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Jenny: I came over from you mother's blog because I LOVE the mixed media collage that you've done for her give away in honor of her birthday. Alas, I am not an artist but an appreciator. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you do.

For now, stay in and safe. We are in for a "wild ride". Just heard they closed Lake Shore Drive!!


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