Tuesday, October 4, 2011

bon appetit!

I used to love to cook. Then I got a full-time job (does anyone else have this problem?). When my sister and I lived together, she did most of the cooking (thanks, Christy!) so it has been an adjustment living without her and her delicious meals. (I might have eaten popcorn the first few nights...) But, there's hope: one of my favorite things to do with friends lately has been to have them over for dinner and actually cook the meal together (this first happened because I was running late and hadn't started cooking- it was so fun that now we plan to cook together. :). Plus, a slight obsession with all things Julia Child, and Trader Joe's has helped.

Ready for the kitchen tour?
I've come to appreciate my city-view of a brick wall. I made the curtains out of fabric from my grandma Hallie.

Corner #1:
The beverage corner...yes. I have a hot pink coffee pot. Because if you can't have a pink coffee pot when you live alone, when can you?? My friend Adrianne made me the coffee cross stitch...so cute, and it matches my fall utensil holder! :)
The glaring/reflective picture is a print I had made of one of my collages (it was a bit sunny the day I took these photos :).
Wine rack? found in the alley. Blue pots? from Vietnam, via Home Goods.
a view into the living room. We keep the twinkle lights up all year, and periodically put up something extra (ie mistletoe at Christmas, leaves in the fall).
I got this fall leaf garland idea from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.
Corner #2:
Having a hook for your keys by the door will change your life. Trust me. I use the basket for bill paying and a coin purse for laundry money. I bought the breadboard in Rothenburg, Germany my last summer in Europe. The squash came from my neighbor. :) True confession: there is always (always) a stack of unopened, unfun mail by the front door. Haven't quite worked out a system for that one yet.
Thank you, Target, for selling pretty soap that makes me feel like I'm in France.
The pictures above the kitchen table (actually, in my whole apartment) change frequently. I just got the cute pumpkin from my favorite Minneapolis store, Patina. If you are anywhere near the Twin Cities, you need to go to this store. Now.

I love how open and sunny this kitchen is. Plenty of space for cooking and having lots of friends over!
The cabinets above the sink:
Basket? Poland. Vases? Home Goods again!
Corner #3:
We got this small cupboard at Target. It fits perfectly between the fridge and the bathroom door: love it. I also love that my paper towel holder looks like a paper clip. Cause I'm cool like that.

This is a DVD holder from Target, used for holding cookbooks. Pause: if you are gluten- sugar-dairy-free or vegan, or if you just like food, you NEed to buy the cookbook Babycakes. Two words: Vanilla Cupcakes. They taste like real cupcakes, people: really. Ok, rant over.
Fridge decoration: it's an art form. My sister is crazy good at decorating the front of fridges...I keep telling her she should charge for her services. I'm not sure I'm living up to the standard we had before she moved, but I'm working on it...

the Living Alone Verse, compliments of my sister...
When a problem comes along...
Corner #4:
Christy bought this genius DVD holder from Target and we have used it for kitchen storage: only recently to actually hold DVDs.
My grandpa Glenn and my great-grandma Evelyn's highschool graduation photos. Lantern? Patina again!
I may be giving away all my secrets here, but these potholders were $2 at Target...so cute, right?
Tomorrow: a tour of the bedroom...


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Nice, Jenny. I love that you are writing!

GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

You are SO cool.

Adrianne said... Reply To This Comment

Love it! I SO need to come visit you!!!

christy said... Reply To This Comment

I have to cancel all my plans for today & go make that leaf garland Right. Now.

Also, I miss the coach house.

Also, I need more of you in my life.

christy said... Reply To This Comment

Also: Bon! Appetit!

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