Friday, October 7, 2011

the living room

It is October and fall in Chicago, which means it was time for some fall changes to my living room...
Corner #1:
The white couch, ready for fall with plaid blankets and pillows, a la Toast UK. I made the pillow covers and change them (and the blankets) according to the season.
These pictures are Sabrina Ward Harrison for Papaya. yay!
View into the courtyard...
Wooden trunk? from a neighbor who who was getting rid of it. Tablecloth? Innsbruck, Austria. Matryoshka? Russia, gift from a childhood friend. Wireless Internet? Clear.
Corner #2:
Books books books....
Here it is: the New (used) Red Couch. So comfortable. So red. So awesome.
Books, maps, candles...
Pumpkin spice candle and a stack of books. I really like you, fall.
My grandma gave us this awesome camera. The map is framed paper from Paper Source.
Corner #3:
Corner #4:
I know this sounds ridiculous, but BBC miniseries really do look better on a big TV.
Library books and pumpkins. Hello, fall.
Basket of DVDs....why yes, that IS The Best Show Of All Time. I'm glad you asked.
I got the fall decorations at a super secret home decorating store my mom introduced me to. If you live in Chicago, I need to take you there.
I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I just love this picture. It reminds me of my childhood in Washington state and the fact that evergreens do exist, even if there aren't many in Chicago.
A little perspective: a view into the kitchen. Yes, that is a hula hoop.
Ok, guys: we've had a tour of the coachhouse....Come back tomorrow for the unveiling of my new studio!


christy said... Reply To This Comment

I seriously have a comment for just about every picture on this post, but I'll spare you. I would just like to say:
my hula hoop!
& also...
that stuuuuddddiiiooo looks amazing! wow, i can't wait to see it & steal some of your decorating ideas.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Love the candle and pear! Mine are on my mantle. I'm so glad I got to share that time with you. And get incredibly cute stuff from the secret Chicago store. :)

Melia said... Reply To This Comment

I love seeing your wonderful spaces, Jenny!

Kirra Sue said... Reply To This Comment


i love it.

i bought two maps today from paper source and was so bummed because i didn't think they'd fit in frames! where did you get your frames for them?

and i love your red couch. makes me happy, happy.

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