Wednesday, October 5, 2011

entree des artistes

My room was part of my recent- furniture-rearranging-binge. I had a desk at the end of my bed, and replaced it with this wicker chair, which was in the living room. It's nice to lose the office and just have a bedroom-y bedroom.

The picture is Sabrina Ward Harrison for Papaya!, I got the wicker chair at Pier 1 years ago, and the wool blanket (Edinburgh) and pillow (Liberty of London for Target) are borrowed (ahem) from my sister.
I also borrowed this sign from the El (does it count as stealing if the sign was broken and falling down? I don't think so). I made a collage on it. Because it was such an awkward shape to frame, my mom had the idea to glue it onto a $5 mirror from Target....voila!
Here's a little perspective...the view from my bed...
I got the trunk from an old neighbor who was moving overseas and use it to store old letters. So Betsy-Tacy.
Favorites: daffodils from Northern Ireland, a photo of Cannon Beach, Oregon, and Monet's bridge.
The family I used to nanny for was replacing their bed and sold this one to me for basically nothing. Don't even ask me how much I love this bed, or you will be in for a long conversation. There is a column in House Beautiful called I Love My Bed, and I have been tempted to replicate it here on my blog. Just so I have another chance to talk about it's great qualities. Anyway.
This is a work in progress...I am going to put more colour on it to make it more stained-glass-y, but it's been like this for a few years and I do like it as it is...
Duvet? Shabby Chic for Target.
Rug? Ikea.
Quilt: made from my grandma's pattern and fabric.
=so cozy.
Embroidered pillowcases: Jane Brocket would be so proud.
I bought the Euro pillows for $10 at Target and covered them with fabric from some old sheets.
(Side note: I realize that I sound a bit like Martha Stewart right now "and then I whittled down the chair legs to be matching heights and then I made my own creek so my guests could have fresh spring water", so: disclaimer: I have loved crafts since I was little and my dorm rooms and apartments have been works in progress for years, with lots of help from my mom, sister, and ikea- so if you aren't crafty, don't despair!)
My bedside table is borrowed from my sister (although I will be very sad when she asks for it back, hint.). I looove this lamp (Target: surprise!).
I just recently pulled out the doily (from Prague) and my mom gave me the idea to use a small tray on my nightstand- for glasses, coffee cups, water, pens, etc etc.
Love the view of garage rooftops and trees out my bedroom window...
Ok, get ready: you are about to get a (detailed) tour of my closet....
When my sister/roommate moved to England, I stored all of my art supplies (and a lot of other stuff), along with my clothes- in our (one) closet. Now it just holds my clothes, linens, and laundry basket. I'm pretty excited about that.
I love that this closet has a window...
I use hanging shelves to hold workout clothes and my purses.
So. This is usually not this messy, but trust me: if you wear a lot of scarves and are anywhere near an ikea, get one of these scarf holders. I love it.
Thank you, Pinterest, for this idea...
Variety is the spice of life...
This was a dorm-room idea from a friend in college. 3M hooks used to hold necklaces...extremely handy.
Alright, up? The bathroom...


christy said... Reply To This Comment

1. I love these tours!
2. Your closet looks fantastic, it's amazing that there was enough in there before to basically fill your whole art studio now.
3. I'm definitely coming back for that table, do not get to attached! BUT -- i use it as an entry table & i don't really anticipate having an entry way anytime soon. :)

Jeana said... Reply To This Comment

Jenny, I have loved getting a glimpse in to your apartment! I am also a HUGE fan of Target (my happy place) and Ikea. I really like your style, both decorating and writing. This line cracked me up:

I realize that I sound a bit like Martha Stewart right now "and then I whittled down the chair legs to be matching heights and then I made my own creek so my guests could have fresh spring water"...

I'm very much looking forward to your next apartment tour post.

renee said... Reply To This Comment

i LOOOVE these up close tours of your apartment!!!

Such great are so creative.

And your bed....looks so unbelievably comfortable!!!

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