Saturday, October 8, 2011

It is art that makes life.*

When I was about 10 years old, I read a book about Mary Engelbreit called The Art and The Artist. In it, she tells the story of being 7 years old and wanting a place to make art so much that she set up a studio in her closet. I remember being disappointed that my closet wasn't big enough to put a table in it and decided that day that I wanted to have a studio...someday.

So, it's not every day I can say that I Fulfilled a Childhood Dream, but: I really have.

Welcome to the studio!

Here is the view from the living room looking into the studio. I have shelves for art, office, and sewing supplies, and of course my art books.

Turn to the inspiration board, desk/art table, art supplies, and my reference books and commentaries (the desk is a glass corner desk that I bought from a is so.great.).
Turn to the right: my letter/computer/office desk, art books, etc.
A small view of the art table...

my current inspiration board...
I've had so much fun pulling out things from my childhood travels and using them in the studio...
Slow and steady wins the race....
Shelves for my commentaries and reference books. Studying the Bible in my studio in the Yes. Please.
Art supply holders: cigar boxes, shoe boxes, pencil cases...
All my collage papers are in a basket which I can just pull out when I'm ready to use them.
A basket on top of the bookcase for holding large collages...
Postcards from around the world = uber-inspiration...
Art supplies. I can't tell you how nice it is to sit at my table and have everything at my fingertips. Easy to reach and easy to put away.
The utility cart was $25 at Ikea and I am basically in love with it.
So excited to have room for all my sewing and craft supplies and books.

Music=definitely important.
a gift from my dad after a trip to Africa...
stamps ready to go on a collage...

I bought this picture in Ecuador years ago and just pulled it out of is painted straight onto a piece of glass, with another piece of glass on top. Love it.
Some favorite art books and my cowboy hat, courtesy of Texas. Thanks, Sabrina Ward Harrison.
Fall leaves, twinkle lights, a crate for smaller collages, and my sewing machine. I think it's going to be a good winter.

I bought this desk years ago, and have had it in Minnesota, Washington, and now Chicago.
One of my first (and favorite) collages...
Jane Austen hanging out on my letter desk...
A little bit of Paris...
A view into the courtyard from my art table...
Before: rubbermaid bins full of art supplies stuffed into my closet, pulled out, and strewn all over the kitchen floor....
After: let's just say: if I don't clean up after I start a collage- I can just close the door and no one will know.

I am so, so thankful to be able to have this studio, and can't wait to share what I make next!

*Henry James quote from a ME picture.


GLENDA CHILDERS said... Reply To This Comment

Create away . . . what a beautiful spot.


renee said... Reply To This Comment

JENNY!!!!!! amazing friend!! I can't believe you have your own art studio!! WOW, love every little bit of it and want to see it in person!!

You are an incredible artist you so!!

Meg said... Reply To This Comment

I love this so much.

Meg said... Reply To This Comment

P.s. I love that our ArtBook made an appearance in the photos.

Jeannette said... Reply To This Comment

It puts colorful meaning in " a room of one's own."

Kirra Sue said... Reply To This Comment

um. i need to come see this. in person. stat girl. SO AMAZING!

Franka said... Reply To This Comment

Wonderful creative space!

noelle_markuson said... Reply To This Comment

I don't have any idea who you are but I wish we were friends in real life. I just love your blog!

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